Why is switching to Nitrile Gloves the best alternative?

Nitrile gloves are currently widely considered as the industry's most functional and effective hand protection gloves. Every day, everybody from caregivers to the most senior doctors and surgeons is at risk of infection and contamination. 

There are numerous disposable glove options in market such as Latex or Vinyl, out of which Nitrile Gloves are the most preferred by consumers. Although latex has been a top choice for medical professionals for many decades, the qualities of Nitrile Gloves and the increasing danger of latex allergies as well as the low chemical protection is leveraging it to be most suitable gloves for medical professionals, tattoo artists and mechanics in the industry. 

Nitrile, also known as Acrylonitrile-Butadiene rubber, is a synthetic rubber that has been used for disposable gloves since the mid-to-late 1990s. Because of their high puncture resistance, these gloves were initially targeted at medical workers, with a special emphasis on dentists. 

Nitrile is thrice more puncture resistant compared to latex, which makes it stronger to prevent contamination and accidents attracting the mechanics, tattoo artists, healthcare workers and many industrial workers to use nitrile gloves owing to its superior chemical resistance. 

The Benefits of Nitrile Disposable Gloves:

Nitrile gloves also have a unique feature: superior chemical resistance to chemicals, oils, petroleum-based products. In many medical applications, such as chemotherapy, the user requires strong protection while maintaining usability. This is only possible with this protection, as vinyl and latex would dissolve or corrode without it.

Outstanding resistance to punctures and tears.

High level of flexibility, dexterity & touch sensitivity. 

Nitrile Gloves are efficient for medical purposes. It contains properties that are ideal for medical applications. Latex, on the other hand because it is a natural material, increases the probability of allergies. By further comparison, Vinyl is rigid, non-tactile, and slippery. Nitrile is everything that other materials aren't.

These characteristics in other materials are difficult to achieve since they inevitably sacrifice one or more properties. Nitrile gloves have all the properties in one glove, possess a long shelf life, and are extremely durable.

Difference between Nitrile, Latex & Vinyl Gloves:

Latex Gloves 

High Flexibility


Optimum protection and comfort

Suitable for maximum medical environments

Vinyl Gloves

Made from PVC, a petroleum-based film


Less durable compared to Latex or Nitrile

Limited protection against chemical or biomedical exposure

Commonly used in non-hazardous and low-infection environments

Nitrile Gloves

Greater durability and higher resistance to chemicals. 

Puncture resistant

Best suited for medical environments. 

No risk of latex allergy reactions 

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