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Venus V4400 N95 Mask
Venus V4400 N95 Mask

Venus N95 Mask

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VENUS V-4400 N95 Mask is NIOSH Approved, Unique Fit Adjuster for optimum protection and comfort, Superior Micro Fine Filter technology which protects against reparable suspended particulate matter up to 0.3 micron.
Part Number: VENUS-V-4400-N95
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Venus V-4400 is NIOSH approved N95 mask
Made in India
Convenient 25 PC / Box Packaging
Venus V-4400 N95 mask is manufactured in India by VENUS Safety & Health Pvt. Ltd, which is India's leading Personal Protective Equipment Manufacturer.

  • V-4400 N95 mask has superior micro fine filter media technology which protects against respirable suspended particulate matter. These respirators consist of multiple layers viz pre-filter, fine filter and skin comfort layer.
  • V-4400 N95 mask  have unique fit adjustors which provide optimum fit & comfort. They also have dotted pattern edges for soft feel.
  • V-4400 N95 mask  has latex free knitted textile elastic which has a long life, is skin friendly and does not deform in high temperature.
  • This N95 have head strap stapled outside filter media which avoids puncture in filter area and is leakproof.
  • V-4400 N95 mask have nose clip which is embedded inside the mask and the respirator has no metal exposure or loose parts.


The following materials are used in the production of V4400 N95 Mask.

 Straps Thermoplastic Elastomer
 Nose Foam Polyester
 Nose Clip Aluminum
 Filter Polyester/polypropylene

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